BC Scene-ing

To all those Bc-ers who don’t already know – here’s what is happening in our nation’s capitol: the National Arts Centre is hosting (all this past week and into next week) a festival featuring 600 artists from British Columbia!  The concept is to bring these people and their art (theatre, dance, music, visual, performance, and culinary arts – did I miss any?) to the national stage, in order to increase their presence and visibility to the country and the world.  And some of Ruby Slippers own artists are there!  Life Savers‘ Deb Williams will be there this week with her hit Mom’s the Word!; Donna Soares (who performed in both The View from Above and The Waiting Room) was there performing in Bioboxes; and Ruby’s Artist-in-Residence Rachel Peake was there with La Vue d’en Haut – a show co-commissioned by Ruby Slippers from playwright James Long.

The first week was a huge success.  If any of you are out Ottawa way this week – the whole thing wrapes up May 3 -I would highly suggest taking the time to check things out.  Full event listings are at http://www.bcscene.ca.  Or just chck out the website and see the presence BC’s artists are having out there on the world.  It is something to be proud of!

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  1. […] I have to say that was my favorite part in the arts section for the BC Scene. […]

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