Life After Print: PART THREE

The second part in our series on the future of theatre during the death of print media:

2.    What in your personal experience is the impact of the changes so far?

J Kelly Nestruck: My paper seems to be very committed to covering theatre. With me blogging and twittering, arguably there is more Globe coverage of theatre now than there has ever been. It’s been much worse south of the border.

Nathan Medd: I worry way more about what the change in print journalism could mean for the veracity of news reporting, but I do think about it for our work too.  Our audience is getting its information online now.  But when we did No Exit at the Digital Media Centre last summer, we had only 130 seats to fill and we were able to do that for two weeks with a publicity budget of $3000.  That got us a great publicist and three weeks of ads in the Straight.  The rest was Facebook, word-of-mouth, and a hot show.
I was talking to a major BC rock promoter the other day, who told me he’s about to pull out of his regular full-page ad in an arts weekly soon and switch to direct emails only.  His email list is growing faster than the paper’s circulation.  The problem is his money is important to the paper, so they’ll be hurting even more after he’s gone.

Rebecca Coleman:
According to Trish Hussey who recently published a post called “Smart Journalists Tweet While Newspapers Wrap Fish”:
They’ve (journalists) seen the handwriting on the wall, and they see that it’s adapt or become fish wrappers. The Vancouver Sun and Reuters aren’t the only news folks on Twitter of course. Almost all of our local news outlets are on Twitter and interacting with the community at large. What do we get? Headlines pushed to us. What do they get? News sources. Lots of news sources.

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