Life After Print: PART FOUR

The fourth part in our series on the future of theatre during the death of print media:

3.    What  is taking its place and how will this change the face of theatre?

Rebecca Coleman: Social media. While traditional media outlets are struggling, content continues to grow on the internet. Get a Google Reader account and start getting to know some bloggers. Start your own blog or start Twittering. Get involved with Flickr, YouTube or Facebook.

Nathan Medd: We arguably get better word-of-mouth from showing up in people’s Facebook status than from a newspaper.  They can articulate their enthusiasm to everyone they know in ten seconds.  For Electric Company’s next show, if I give $2 to everyone who includes us in his or her status for a week, and 1000 people take me up on that, I’m starting to think I’ll have spent my budget more wisely there than on three little print ads.

J Kelly Nestruck: There is a lot more writing about theatre available now than there was five years ago thanks to blogs, etc. The question is, are as many people reading these online sources, or is it an echo chamber where theatre practitioners and hard-core fans chatter among themselves?  When I tweet something about a play, I know about 450 people will see it. But in the paper, several hundred thousand people might stumble across my review of a play. How, I wonder, will theatres now reach people who aren’t looking for them?
Sue Porter: The Alliance for Arts & Culture recently sponsored a day-long workshop on the topic of social media that was so popular they added a second day!.  The GVPTA convened our own advocacy committee to start looking at creative ways to deal with the issue.

Tom Cone: What is taking place – not in  this city yet-  is tackling the internet in a very creative way. Theatre artists will now begin to exercise their filmic and video muscles to reach out.  Otherwise you’re dead in the water.


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