Snip, snip, stop!!

Are you kidding me?

The BC government has cut arts funding by 50%.  FIFTY PERCENT!!!  As West End MLA Spencer Herbert points out:

“the BC Liberal government chose to gut Arts and Culture funding by 50% well before last week when they finally admitted to misleading the public about the size of their deficit.

If Premier Campbell and Minister Krueger supported cutting the Arts & Culture budget by 50% before they came clean, how much more will they cut the Arts and Culture budget given these circumstances?”

And now we hear that it’s OUR FAULT?!!  As reported by :

During a recent interview with Scott Walker of ProArt Alliance in Victoria, the new Minister for Tourism, Culture, Kevin Kreuger characterized the arts community as unconcerned. “I am not hearing complaints at all from the arts and cultural community,” he said. “I think people are pretty happy with what we’ve done.”

“The arts community is genuinely grateful for the past support that the Liberals in BC have given to arts and culture,” said Mr. Alibhai. “However, the proposed cuts take us back to much older funding levels. The effect will be a costly creative drain in this province, and it will be next to impossible to regain the ground lost.”’

Do you have something to say about this? Because we all need to step up and prove we are NOT happy with what they have done.  Please, please write to your local newspapers, or to Minister Krueger directly  And copy Mr Herbert on it – it will help give him leverage when he goes to bat for us

It’s now or never. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Minister Krueger,

It is a fact that The BC Arts Council supports a sector that employs 80,000 people and generates $5.2-billion annually. It is a fact that the arts and culture sector is bigger than the forestry and fishing industries combined. It is a fact that for every dollar the government invests in arts and culture, the province gets back $1.38 in taxes. So why is the government employing measures that cause arts organizations to cut back jobs and reduce programming? This is a baseless, ill-informed decision that is going to destroy one of the only thriving economic sectors.

For what purpose, Minister Krueger?

Diane Brown

Artistic Director

Ruby Slippers Theatre


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