Critical Acclaim for 2 b’s Production of The Russian Play and Mexico City

“Colombe Demers as Sonya deliver(s) a phenomenal performance.” The Halifax Herald

“Artful in construction, intelligent and subtly humorous in content, and excellently performed” The Halifax Herald

Critical Acclaim for the original production of The Russian Play:
N.B.: not produced by 2b

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…incredibly powerful with breathtaking emotion…A Must-See” Toronto Star

***1/2 (3 1/2 out of 4 stars), “It’s that rarest of all theatrical experiments: a clever satire with a beating heart.” Kamal al-Solaylee, The Globe and Mail

NNNN (4 out of 5 N’s), “funny and moving… A WINNER!” Jon Kaplan, Now Magazine

**** (4 out of 5 stars), “A Must-See”, Paul Isaacs, eye Weekly

“The story telling is spare, compelling, humorous and heartbreaking.” Lynn Slotkin, CBC Radio

Critical Acclaim for 2b theatre company:

“Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.” The Coast Weekly (Halifax)

“…spare, spacious, and as intimate as theatre gets… makes us lean in and ache for more.” The Hour (Montreal)

“*****” Neue Presse (Germany)

“2b has a knack for creating unforgettable physical environments…Beautifully, elegantly staged, with performances of restraint and intensity” The Halifax Herald

“[2b] create[s] an atmosphere that is ritualistic and almost sacred…this story has incredible power and poignancy.” Times-Colonist (Victoria)

“The theatrical experience the company creates is as warm as a mother’s hand.“ The Georgia Straight (Vancouver)


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