So many words, so little to say…

Here’s Ida Chong’s response (two months later)….

Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 1:39 PM

Dear Ms. Peake:

Thank you for your email of April 11, 2011, regarding funding for the arts in British Columbia, and community gaming grants.

Firstly, allow me to apologize that we were not able to speak directly when you called.  My staff take every effort to schedule appointments and calls at convenient times throughout the day and may have seen that with many of the time slots taken already, thought it would be easier to receive a response via email.

Regarding your first suggestion of addressing eligibility requirements for the Community Gaming Grant (CGG) program, as you may be aware, Honourable Christy Clark, Premier, recently announced that in the coming months a prominent individual, who is independent of government, will be appointed to head a review of the CGG program to examine the role of government in gaming, with input from charities, community members, industry representatives and local government.  Once the review is announced, I encourage non-profit organizations and other informed citizens to participate in the consultation process by taking their suggested recommendations and options forward.

With respect to the issue of per capita funding for the arts, I am aware of the comparisons and have asked staff with the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development to review the data and provide me with more details.  While it is sometimes difficult to compare one province to another, given the variables involved, what is clear is that the Province of British Columbia (Province) recognizes the critically important role that arts and culture play in the lives of families and communities across British Columbia.  The Province has provided unprecedented support to the arts and culture community, totalling more than $500 million since 2001.


Thank you again for writing to share your concerns, as your opinions do matter.  If you wish to meet with me in person, please call back and we can find a mutually convenient time.


“Original Signed By”

Ida Chong, FCGA

Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development



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